A high-precision assembly is essential to your product, we provide you with our German-engineered assembly services, ensuring precision in the micrometer range and “Made in Germany” quality for every aspect of your developing and manufacturing process. You will benefit from the latest approaches in research projects, adapted with our hands-on mentality to your setup, realisizing your assembly.

Development Service

Selecting the right assembling strategy is essential for our customer’s success, bringing a new or re-launched product to the market. With our know-how and experience in high-precision assembling, we will improve the customers product time and cost to market while highly protecting their valuable intellectual properties.

We are assembling your customized prototypes. In an early-stage of the development project, we discuss assembling approaches with our customers. Depending on the technical requirements and given specifications we review the feasiblity also accordingly to a high-volume production - anticipating yield issues right from the start. Our Development Service can be performed as stand-alone project as well as in combination with our 24/7 Manufacturing Service.

Our expertise ranges from single die, array and large chip assembly to sophisticated complex optical subassemblies like active optical cables across leading-edge process benches. The main applied bonding technologyies are the eutectic bonding and epoxy bonding. Under optimal conditions, placement accuracies of 0.5 microns are feasible.

Manufacturing Service

We offers a contract manufacturing service from low-to-medium volume prototyping/manufacturing through full scale 24/7 production. Our automated production setup allows the customers to lower costs by reducing the need for certain costly components and eliminating labor-intensive steps and time consuming operator training in the manufacturing process through increased automation.


Our everything-from-one-source-service enables you to concentrate on your core business, whilst Aifotec takes over responsibility for e.g. your hermetic packaging, thermal design, HF design, electronic assembly, platform supply as well as high-volume fibre coupling assembly. Medium to long-term, you save expenditure by reducing the investment in resources like infrastructure, personnel, and training for your own staff.


Aifotec AG

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Executive Board

Dr. G. Vollrath (CEO)
K. Ochner (CFO)

Supervisory Board

G.Glasauer (chairman)
W. Schwaiger
K. Berka
Dr. D. Kubis